About Us

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Brett Tarnet Insurance Services is a specialty insurance brokerage.   We specialize in the  Credit Insurance market, in the Western United States.   We offer export, domestic, and global policies covering accounts receivable risks of non-payment.  By specializing, we have been able to develop an infrastructure that addresses the complex requirements of the trade credit insurance market, and provide specialized services to support our clients.

Your Growth and Success are Our Focus

For us and for our clients, the stakes are high.  We focus on the bottom line: our client’s ability to ensure that their customer accounts convert to cash.

nasbite webFotosearch_k11857731Brief History

Brett Tarnet Insurance services was founded in 2004, and has a string of successes, including a portfolio of growing clients, most of whom export, and the 2006 and 2014 Export Import Bank Broker of the Year award.  Lenders and our clients value the high level of service and attention we provide.

How Our Clients Benefit

Our clients are competing in the global marketplace, using trade finance tools that enhance their customer relationships without sacrificing profitability.  Many are also benefiting from the increased leverage they can attain with their lenders, borrowing against insured accounts receivable.   Trade Credit Insurance increases the opportunities  to say “yes” to a new customer, ”yes” to  a new opportunity, and “yes”  to an increase in volume to an existing customer, on competitive terms.