Credit Insurance


Credit Insurance is a true insurance product, which protects  against the risk that a customer does not pay for the goods and or services they received.  The most common risk is the risk of “protracted default”, meaning that the customer has not paid and is past-due, usually triggered at 60 to 90 days past-due.

Other Covered Risks

Additional risks that can be protected against are insolvency,  and in international transactions, political risks including war, terrorism, trade disputes, civil unrest, etc.


Trade credit insurance is an affordable product, costing on average less than one half of one percent of insured sales amounts.  You can cover your export sales only, get a policy to cover all of your risk (global cover) , select domestic cover,  or a single buyer policy to cover only one customer relationship.  Our efforts are to identify which option is a best fit for your requirement.

Access to all Underwriters from Brett Tarnet Insurance Services

The  U.S. Government has a  program of export credit insurance through the Export Import Bank of the United States.  There is also a private market for credit insurance from a number of underwriters.  Brett Tarnet Insurance Services offers access in a one-stop-shop to the entire range of options for cover.