What We Do

We Reduce Complexity

Credit insurance is a very complex insurance product.  Unlike most policies of insurance, policy holders must take specific action beyond paying initial premiums to be covered.  It is common to make updates and changes during the policy year.   Brett Tarnet Insurance Service’s client support system is designed to minimize administrative overhead and at the same time, aid with policy compliance.

We Provide Options And Help You Choose

We start with streamlining the application process.

We identify which options are available to each client, and assist in acquiring, where possible, multiple quotations.

We assist with interpretation of quotation information, and when options for cover are presented, we help select the best fit.

We Provide Continuing Support

We ensure our clients understand their policy and are prepared to comply with Terms and Conditions that can affect their cover.

We provide support in gaining approval for new customer credit limits, as well as other policy updates that can include increasing the policy limit, changing products, terms of sale, adding a lender as loss payee.  We anticipate and support renewal requirements.

Our Infrastructure Supports Your Business

All of these services are driven by a proprietary infrastructure, which helps ensure that each client gets a level of service that is appropriate to their requirements.  We are always focused on our client’s risk protection.